When we thank someone, something happens. The receiver gets the gift of thanks, but the giver is also changed by the act of thanking. How many times have I heard a parent saying to a child “What do you say?” and the kid grumpily replies “thank you” with utter umbrage. If only they knew… something a bit magical happens when we speak words of gratitude… something lovely and inexplicable.

Darkness and Light – Quiet Descends

Quiet descends
A traveller moves
Through the hours of doom
The heart sinks
The spirit falters

Nothing is seen
Time is suspended
A gloomy void 

Yet in the darkest hour 
A liminal moment
A seed of light
A faint glimmer

A soul stands at the gate
Of life and death
Where the spirit flutters.

The journey
Is transformed

Light breaks the darkness
The sacred is revealed
One is held
In the light of love
And so we give thanks

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