The very best sentiment to go for has to be compassion, for ourselves, for others, for everyone. Maybe it’s the one ambition we should always hold in our hearts. It’s not easy to be compassionate all the time, but it has to be the highest goal in life. A world full of compassion would be free of war, poverty and environmental degradation… how beautiful.

Prayer of Love and Compassion

There is almost certainly
An angel out there for you
A force of love
That you don’t know about
You probably don’t want to know 
But it’s there for you
Asking no favours
No sacrifices
No words of admiration
It’s just there for you
And you alone

Certainly, there is love too
All for you
You only need
To lie back and imagine
The warmth and kindness
Of a sunny day

And you might say to yourself
I’m blessed
By an angel that I don’t know
I’m loved by a cherub
That longs to see me smile
I’m admired by the forces
Of love
And Kindness

There’s a force of love…
Like energy and the breeze
For you, and you alone
Love and compassion
Are given, shared and precious
Go on…
Open up and discover
Your deepest loving self…
And your angel

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