There are so many people that deserve prayer – friends, workers, heroines, heroes and more. In a world where human negativity is too often highlighted, it is great to know that most people are not only good, but deserve thanks for being who they are, and what they do.

Refugee Prayer of Welcome

We join together
In prayer and calm
Honouring those that are persecuted
Far from home
Crossing earth and waters of upheaval

We call them refugees, asylum seekers…
Immigrants, migrants and other labels…
Words that presume difference

But today in this place
We join together
Honouring new friends
Unknown relatives, fellow spirits
Men, women and children
Mothers, poets, carers
Teachers and philosophers
Far from home
That crossed land and water
And we welcome them

Today, may our community
Create a sea change
Spreading waves of understanding
So that our own distant antecedents
Along with our new close friends
Are equally honoured and revered

For the spirits of the past and the future
Are the bringers of unknown gifts
Gifts of love, life and promise
Gifts that reveal the true meaning
Of compassion and freedom…
And so, we thank them.

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