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For over 30 years I have lived in my home City by the sea. As a kid I came here for holidays and dreamed of living here. I can think of no greater joy than living in a place of ones choosing.

Prayer for Sacred Space

In this space
Rests an object of love
Reminding me
Of happiness
And so it creates
Happiness now

In this space
Of happiness now
There exists
Objects of nature
A stone
A cup holding water
A candle

In this space
My candle brings light
Memories of life and death
Sleep and awareness
Memories of peace and fire
Thankfulness for day and night
Summer and winter

In this space
I know gratitude and love
Connecting with myself
My deepest self
My world

Bless the space
For its modesty
Its spiritual power
Its kindness to me
Its praise
For this… our world
A hint of eternity

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