Right now, there are more than 30 wars raging across the world. If only the energy put into killing each other, manufacturing arms and being confrontational was put into caring for the planet and caring for each other, life would be so much happier… for so many of us.

A Call for Peace

Sometimes a prayer is a poem; sometimes a poem is a prayer

We need compassion
And we need peace
To kindle kindness

In the glare of war
The heat is cruel
Fire and brimstone rip and burn
Backwards and forwards we go
Goose steps, trench warfare
Arguments, supporters, twisting history
Fine fortunes, fine killing machines
Delivering death to the door

On the street
The talk is of tanks advancing
The sacrifice of self-destruction
Taking innocence with him
A weeping cry of love
Lost in the stuttering racket
Of smoke and sorrow

Because of all this
For century after century
We map-out our demands
We want peace 
Closure of conflict

Let the tanks rust away
Make war a friendly ball game 
Let flowers grow on death’s pathways
We want peace

From our hearts
We ask for glory
Glorious transformation
So that the warmongers relent
The peacemakers are blessed
The casualties are healed
And we have calm

And in our souls
We open up to hope
The warmth and light of goodwill
Perfect peace
Now… and for all time

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