The very best sentiment to go for has to be compassion, for ourselves, for others, for everyone. Maybe it’s the one ambition we should always hold in our hearts. It’s not easy to be compassionate all the time, but it has to be the highest goal in life. A world full of compassion would be free of war, poverty and environmental degradation… how beautiful.

Rejecting Rejection

A rebuff can cause pain…

Don’t let the indifference of others
Let you feel alone
Powerless, unloved

Rejected… no
You are never

None of that
Is for you
The idea of dismissal
Is false 
It’s just a twist
On the road of life
Taking you elsewhere
Providing an unexpected
Moment of sharing

Across the world…
Across all cultures
There is one spiritual belief
It is this…
We all have a guardian angel

When we feel happy
Or sad
Or rejected
Our guardian angel
Feels our pain
Knows our sorrow

When you think
You suffer alone
You could be rejecting
Your own angel

So, welcome the pain
And share it

Open up
To momentary
And then listen

Say why you feel bad
And then wait
There is love
It will envelop you
Real or imaginary
It is there

Don’t reject your angel
Let your angel love you

A disappointment
Can be an opportunity
Providing an unexpected dance floor
An opportunity for you
To get up
Brush yourself off
And start something new
An enchanted quickstep
A dance of joy
Your guardian angel is there
For you

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