There is so much anger around now. I feel it myself and for all those around me — I feel such empathy for the frustration of millions in this country. It was while looking for prayers that might deal with anger, I realised that prayers are not written by people who feel anger… but lots of sanctimonious people like to tell us what to do with our anger. So, I created this website, with a section called Prayers of Anger.

So Much to be Angry About

I pray
That I can look
At the wickedness
The cruelty
The greed
And the self-serving…
And not feel rage, pure rage

I pray
That I will come to know
That wickedness
Will give way to good.

That cruelty
Will be overwhelmed by compassion.
That the greedy
Will be satiated, shamed
and step back.

May those self-serving beings
Whose faces I see every day
Framed in boxes of all sizes
Be put in their place…

And when all this happens…
When change comes
As it must do
I will no longer be angry
But give thanks
That my prayers came
To be answered.

But right now
Embracing inevitable change
Let me try to experience
Calm… peace and understanding
Let the rage diminish
Thank you

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