For The

The beauty of our planet is beyond question. Writing prayers of love and appreciation for The Earth and the perfection of nature is not only easy, it is a pleasure.

Prayer for the World

The world is my mother
And I honour her

The swirling seas
Tempestuous, terrifying
Deep and wave-form
Rippling, graceful, curving, 
Home for water creatures

On earth
Magnificent animals roam
A thousand shapes and forms
Stampeding, slithering
Scuttling and scampering
Across this place

Riding the air, flying life forms
Winding elegantly on the wind
Butterflies, birds and bees

The world is my mother
And I love her

But I am a clumsy traveller
On this sacred planet
Journeying with heavy heart

For wherever I turn
There is disrespect… 
Contempt for her oceans
Disregard for her earth
Her mountains, glaciers
The harmony and perfection
Of the air we breathe…

And so I ask 
That we pray for her
Before it is too late

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