For The

The beauty of our planet is beyond question. Writing prayers of love and appreciation for The Earth and the perfection of nature is not only easy, it is a pleasure.

Lean Back and Rest Against the World

Lean back and rest against the world
Put your head on a pillow of blue sky
Brush a wispy cloud aside
And before you go to sleep, don’t forget…
To breathe in the heady fragrance
of fresh green leaves

Your mind wanders carefree
Through flowery fields
Meandering meadows
where bees buzz, and birds sing sweetly

Dozing, dreaming
Happiness belongs to you

You have come to know
The yearning of the trees
The kindness of tall grasses
The harmony of loving spirits

It is the love song of this world
Our mysterious universe
That makes the sacred
Connection of the soul
Meet in friendship
With eternal peace

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