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The beauty of our planet is beyond question. Writing prayers of love and appreciation for The Earth and the perfection of nature is not only easy, it is a pleasure.

A Winter Prayer

The brooding sun is low and often hides
The waxing moon gleams bright on chilly frost.
We see your wisdom and your work —
We voyage intrepidly through darkening days.

Some birds have flown to far-off sunny lands
Some beasts sleep deep beneath your icy spell.
We touch the cold and gaze at twinkling stars,
Marvelling at winter’s shining dance of light

Here birds sing bravely, in the morning murk
Their voices trill, and resonate, like bells
We hear your music ringing through the hall
Chanting in celebration, breathing breathy mists

The home fire’s memories of summer’s heat,
Beyond the door, there’s cold… and dark… and gloom
We thank you for the wind and rain and snow
The winter solstice… Northern star… the moon

We reach out for your blessing
East and West,
And turn in homage
North and South

Now let us pray, and play within our time and space
And light a candle, praising hearth and home
Adorn green leaves and berries red as rust
And laugh and love the season, dark at dusk

We are your servants
Giving our greatest love to those we know
And loving and caring for others
A tender thought for those beyond our doors, alone.
We give,
As you give to us:
We tend,
As you tend to us:
We love…as you love us
And thank you…
… For the blessing of winter

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