There are so many people that deserve prayer – friends, workers, heroines, heroes and more. In a world where human negativity is too often highlighted, it is great to know that most people are not only good, but deserve thanks for being who they are, and what they do.

Prayer for a Healer

Change this day
With your love

Touch the hearts
Of those you meet
With a tender thought

Bless the downhearted,
The lonely and dejected
With a beautiful wish,
For you have the gift
To understand suffering

It’s the most gentle hands
Of calm and compassion,
Serenity and service,
That hold the power of the universe –
The power to heal

And when things are calm
And waters are tranquil under the moon,
Don’t forget
It’s not enough to care for us,
You must love yourself
And care for yourself
In equal measure
With equal love

So today,
Bask in the warmth of the sun;
And celebrate with all things made well
By you and your guiding spirit

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