There are so many people that deserve prayer – friends, workers, heroines, heroes and more. In a world where human negativity is too often highlighted, it is great to know that most people are not only good, but deserve thanks for being who they are, and what they do.

A Blessing for Mum

Is there anything
Like a Mum?
No way

Is there anyone
We would rather bless
No way

My Mum… our Mum
Is the mostest
The crème de la crème
The dream de la dream

Feeding us –
Caring for us –
Laughing at us –
Yelling at us –
Supporting us –
Ultimate top-notch Mum
Mother superior
In every way

Which is why
We bless her and love her
And feel close to her
In a zillion ways

She made us
What we are 

Thank you, Mum

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