There is a real beauty about the interfaith movement. When people of different faiths get together they can create a wonderful sense of goodwill and harmony. It’s as if all the sorrow, violence and bitterness that exists between different religions and races can be overcome by a few good people of faith sitting together, eating together and praying together.

Prayer to Cosmic Grace

Cosmic grace
Hear me
Hear my prayers

I put my hand up
And my soul reaches
Deep into the darkness

In the blackness of space
There is light
In the lightness of my being
There is darkness

This is why my spirit belongs
To the immensity of this world
And the universe
In which I live and die
A child of day and night

Reaching out
I touch the clouds
And ask for love

In the silence
I know you are there
And I have faith

May your peace
Be mine

Hold me
In your universal embrace
So that my mind
Heart and spirit
Come to know you
In this world
And the next
With love

So may it be

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