There is a real beauty about the interfaith movement. When people of different faiths get together they can create a wonderful sense of goodwill and harmony. It’s as if all the sorrow, violence and bitterness that exists between different religions and races can be overcome by a few good people of faith sitting together, eating together and praying together.

Evening Prayer of Sharing

It seems so right
That we join this night
In a simple prayer 
From the heart

It seems so right
That over this festive food
We should remember those 
That go hungry…

It is so good
That in diverse company 
Muslim, Jew, Christian
Buddhist, Hindu, Bahai
Pagan and atheist alike
Should happily turn to each other 
In friendship 
Knowing so well
That elsewhere in the world
Others of faith
Or no faith
Might have a different remit

That remit might be
To dishonour,
And target a good soul…

It might lead to 
Arrest, imprisonment and torture
Of an innocent person…
Maybe even exile 
To some distant land

It is so wrong
That you and I
Sisters and brothers, 
With and without faith
Can be singled out
Just for our beliefs 
Our race
Our ideas…
Our appearance

But remember this
Together we are in a safe space
A sacred place
Here we are blessed
Here we are made sacred
By friendship
By companionship
Honour and respect
For each other’s beliefs

Let’s do peace
Let’s break bread together
Let’s laugh together
And above all share ideas
And celebrate difference
So that our children
Can be free 

It is so perfect
That believers and non-believers 
Alike and unalike
Can take joy in difference
Discover similarities
Embrace peace and understanding
Turn to each other with open hearts
And pay tribute
To the spirit
Of a harmonious evening

To nurture friendship
Treasure grace
And know sacred love
Is beautiful
And so, together, let us say
Thank you

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