Anyone can give a blessing… so long as it’s done with sincerity and goodwill. A blessing is a caring offer of spiritual support. We can bless anything – a person, place, animal or our planet. The more loving the blessing the better. Here’s a selection of blessings … including one for yourself. Blessing oneself is definitely a good thing.

Christmas Blessing

Walk from the darkness of the longest night
Into the gift of shortest day
And let your heart radiate love

The snow on the hills
The wind from the North
The kiss of a snowflake on your cheek
The warmth of a fire
We remember them all

Our myths and stories touch us
Carrying the memories of miracles
A flickering candle reminds us
That even when old…
We are young

Between the belief of children
And the disbelief of the material
Let us greet this season with love
Meet the darkness and light
The traditions, the music
Sorrow and laughter

We have entered the hour of compassion
Generosity and love
This is the moment when we see beauty
In nature, spirit, life and death
This is the moment when we open up to love

May we be blessed at Christmas
May all be blessed at Christmas

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