Anyone can give a blessing… so long as it’s done with sincerity and goodwill. A blessing is a caring offer of spiritual support. We can bless anything – a person, place, animal or our planet. The more loving the blessing the better. Here’s a selection of blessings … including one for yourself. Blessing oneself is definitely a good thing.

Best Baby Blessing

You are
The best baby
The most beautiful
Best baby

You are
Usually joyful
Sometimes tearful
Occasionally fearful
Always delightful

Your smile
Is sunshine
Blooming and beaming
Laughing or screaming
Shining across a sea of smiles
You make me smile
You make us all smile

This blessing is for you
Best baby
It is our gift to you

Because you are the loveliest
We hold you in our arms
And smile
And our hearts
And smile
And bless you
And smile
And love you
Best baby

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